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M4L Dub Siren


The Dub Siren with Echo Tape & Analog Reverb

if Bob marley could have got this plugin, he would have use it !

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M4L Dub Siren aims to create nice dubby siren sounds.
It can also produce other sound artifacts & be used as an ACID/LEAD synth.

The Fxs included in the plug in provides an ambiant effect that evolves over time and produces unexpected musical harmonics.

M4L Echo Rasta Box includes two modules:

  • the Dub Siren plugin along with,
  • an extra separate FX plug in to treat any external sounds.

Last version: V1.2/ 22th May 2017.
Ableton Live 9 & 10 & 11 / MaxForLive / Windows / Mac

Simple, live & fun guaranteed !

Key features

  • 32 presets can be saved into the memory of the plug ins (and consequently in your ableton live project).
  • You can also export & import your presests. Rearrange them depending on your needs (live situation, synth presets, etc.)
  • You can share your sounds with your friends !
  • A preset file is included to start playing & have fun (16 presets, M4L EchoRastaBoxSotrage.json file).

Pitch, Tone, Waveforms change function

  • You can change the pitch, the tone & the waveform of the Dub Siren (Rectangle, Sinus, Triangle),
  • More to come soon !


  • The plug in can react to midi inputs notes accordingly making the Dub Siren change in tones but also act as a SYNTH !

Modulations & Flam

  • An LFO is available to modulate the Dub Siren sound,
  • A Fire/Flam function is also available to create stutter effects.

Roland Space Echo

  • a Tape Echo delay (the famous Roland space echo) is available in the plug in.

More delays

  • a special electro delay, and,
  • an harmonic delay (adding … harmonics 🙂 )


  • A plate reverb is available 🙂


  • Echo Rasta includes a parametric filtering function (with 9 different types of filtering modes !)

EnregistrerAudio IN

  • M4L Echo Rasta Box comes also with an extra plugin, the FXs version.
  • You can enter any audio input you like and play with the Space Echo, Filters, etc.

Last but not least, Echo Rasta Box includes also …

  • a transpose mode (it transpose the echos)
  • a limiter (the space echo can go very high in frequencies and resonances),
  • a Dry/Wet function, and,
  • All the parameters are mappable on any midi control surface.
  • The plug in in is well suited with Push 1 & 2 (Parameters are automatically mapped).


Free version

  • No free version is yet available but this plug ins has been inspired by the nice Dub Siren plug in (author: Audio Lemon, licence CC-BY-SA) & the Dub Scrolls.
  • You can check his works & download his version (ligther versions compared the M4L Echo Rasta Box).