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it’s free !

The concept

FX Morphing Parameter Controller is a plug-in that manipulates any Ableton Live parameter & any VST/AU plug-in parameter and morph them together.

Each parameter – controlled by the M4L plug-in – is materialized by a sphere/node.

Morphing is done through a ball that the user moves into a specific zone.

The closer the ball is to the center of the node, the more effect will be felt.

This plug-in is similar to the XY control pad from Ableton Live but adds many add-ons.

This plug-ins foster creativity & let you explore new sound effect territory !


  • XY control to manipulate different FXs parameter & explore new sound results, new sequences, add animation to your FXs.
  • Control the sound level of the different tracks of my song (sort of surround).
    • Each track is sent to a different output in my soundcard, and, each output of my soundcard is plugged to a different speakers.
    • Like this I can create a sort of surround sound, or,  giving the feeling for listeners, that my song is walking through different speakers.
  • More uses cases (with step by step guide) on this nice website where you will find a detailled article on this plugin & how to use it

Key features

  • Morph sounds using a ball and nodes !
  • Control up to 8 plug-in parameters (Ableton Live DAW parameters or any VST / AU plugins)
  • Control the plug-in with any MIDI controller
  • Record your movements and recall them
  • Save & recall your presets
  • Advanced editing functions
  • And more !


  • A documentation is available >>> HERE


  • A video introducing the plugin is available >>> HERE
  • A video showing the different functions in details is also available >>> HERE


  • You will need Ableton Live 10 or 11
  • You will need Maxforlive 8.1.11 or above (included in Ableton Live)
  • Windows / Mac, it works on both platform