Tarabia Nation is a set of 3 different distortions plug-ins to build your unique sound !

Tarabia MK1Indian Distortion plug-in

It implements the famous Tarabia Indian Distortion algorithm (originally created in 2018).

This is a particular & original soft distortion/overdrive that can increase the transients/shape.

Freeware version, fully functional & supported.

Tarabia MK1 – Indian Distortion plug-in
+ Soft clipping + Oversampling x2
TaraTube – 8x Vacuum Tubes Distortion/Overdrive plug-in
+ Soft clipping + Oversampling x2

TaraTube8x Vacuum Tubes Distortion plug-in

You can change the number of tubes you want to apply on the input signal (stage parameter / n# of tubes).

Soft to Medium Distortion, Enhancer sound, Add space & Round sounds !

Freeware version, fully functional & supported.

TaraLead – Extreme Distortion plug-in
+ Asymmetric wave clipping + Oversampling x2

TaraLeadExtreme Distortion plug-in

Very easy to use, no parameter (almost!).

Overdrive & Fuzz
Excel on Guitar & Leads !
It may also produce a sound that drool !

Freeware version, fully functional & supported.

System requirements

  • Intel based Mac, 64 Bits,
  • OS X 10.12 or later, or,
  • Intel based PC, 32/64 Bits,
  • Windows 10 or later, and,
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 50MB of disk space
  • 1280x768px Display

DAW tested

  • Ableton Live 9/10/11
  • BITWIG Studio V3.0.3 and above
  • Studio One 5.4.1 and above
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Mac OS 10.12 and above
Windows 10 and above
SubLab by Future Audio Workshop | Built for bass.
VST2.4 / VST3
AMG Kick-Ass Brass! - the ultimate virtual horn section
Apple Audio Unit

Plug-ins presets

You will remark that the plug-ins visual knobs are very straightforward, few indications… and no predefined presets.

However, you can save your own presets (and recall them with ease) using the dedicated function in your DAW (in Studio One, in Ableton Live, etc.) :

Ableton Live Saving Presets
Bitwig Saving Presets
Studio One Saving Presets

Support contact

Tarabia MK1, TaraTube & TaraLead are fully supported. If you have any question or if you encounter an issue with our plug-ins, don’t hesitate to contact us.

A bit of history & vision


In 2018, we developed our first VST/audio unit plug-in : Tarabia distortion. The plug in is has been quite successful, many blogs & webzines have promoted our plug in !

Since, we have been working on other projects; it explained a bit our silence 🙂

New version

Many users asked us to create a new version but we didn’t want to create one more distortion – there are so many plug-ins that distort sounds – … this is why we took our time before proposing mainly the Tarabia MK1 version with

  • a new clipping algorithm,
  • a new drive parameter,
  • a new oversampling by 2 for good sound quality results.

We will also publish TaraLead & TaraTube plug ins in the coming weeks, you will get surprise for sure !

Simple User Interface

You will also remark that the plug-ins visual knobs are very straightforward, few indications… and no predefined presets. This is normal as we believe that for distortions pedals/plug-ins, it’s important to trust your own feeling when moving the different parameters, find your own values to get your unique sound. Each of us as different sounds so why putting Kick presets in the plug-in when you may have different Kicks sounds…

Publication of the 3 plug-ins

As we are a small team, we start with the Tarabia MK1 plug-in to get your feedbacks, your issues and improve the overall user experience (to better deliver the remaining plug-ins in the next coming weeks). We will publish the other 2 plug-ins right after 🙂

If you install the Tarabia MK1 plug-in & want to send your feedback, you’re welcome !

Last but not least, Tarabia MK1, TaraTube & TaraLead will remain FREE, fully functional & supported !