Tarabia MKII PRO Overdrive/Distortion plugins

  • famous indian distortion algorithm (Tarabia),
  • 8x vacuum tubes (clean),
  • A warm tube (new),
  • an extreme distortion mode.

You can sculpt your sound thanks to other features like :

  • a Morphing mode*,
  • an enveloppe follower,
  • an High Pass Filter + Low Pass Filter (new),
  • A Sound Exciter,
  • A compressor/maximiser
  • A 3 band Equalizer
  • 3 different clipping modes + Diode Level control (new)
  • High Definition Sound (oversamplingx8)

The Version 1.1 brings very important CPU optimisations + bztter oversampling + resizeable GUI.

PRO version, fully functional & supported.

A documentation is delivered with the PRO Version on check out, but you can also access it from this link.

Last version: V1.1 22nd September 2022
VST2.4 / VST3 / Audio Unit  / Windows / Mac (Intel & M1 optimized) / Linux

More details here… 


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