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M4L DJ MORPH – PRO version


CROSSFADER/MORPHING effect (4 decks)

map & crossface/morph any plugin parameters to your midi controler in Ableton Live !

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M4L DJ Morph proposes a new way of using FXs in your Ableton Live applicaton.

It acts mainly as a MORPHING effect  – 4 decks – that can be mapped to any Ableton Live parameters, VST & Audio Unit plug ins.
It  creates new sounds, effects, fills, breaks & transitions for your music compositions.
You can mostly MAP & MORPH anything you like, your imagination is your limit !
You can also consider this effect as a CROSSFADER 🙂


FREE Version

 – A free version is available HERE


First, map your parameters…

  • You have 2 decks : A (on the left), B (on the right). Decks can be filled up to 4 parameters each (8 in total),

  • Select & map any VST/AU/… parameters for Deck A – Click on MAP
  • Select & map any VST/AU/… parameters for Deck B – Click on MAP

  • Map the orange BALL to a midi controller (Knob, Fader, Cross Fader)

  • While you music is ON, move the BALL from left to right

  • You will hear new sounds produced !
  • When you set back the orange BALL to its initial state (middle position), the sounds are back to their original states. You never destroy your original parametersthe effect between ON/OFF

More information available in our documentation…


– FULL documentation is available HERE


– Ableton Live 9 & 10 & 11 / MaxForLive / Windows / Mac
– Version 1.0
Added on the 3rd of July 2017.