// We had a dream, we were making music about human //

Notre but ?

Promouvoir et diffuser de bonnes pratiques autour de la création de Sons, Musiques Assisté par Ordinateur (SMAO).

Our Goal ?

Promote & disseminate good practices around the creation of Sounds & Music made with Computers & Electronic devices.

Welcome ! Bienvenue !

You are on the main SMAO#LAB website pointing to our different initiatives :

  • Music Plug ins for Ableton Live,
  • Organisation of Music conferences for Adults,
  • Organisation of Music conferences for Children,
  • Videos tutorials about Music creation,
  • Blog about Music Modular Systems.

We are a the Official Ableton Live User Group of Grenoble region (French Alps).

We are also the first official Arturia User Group in France !

News: Two new plugins are currently under development, you are going to be surprised !

SMAOLAB activities !