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We mainly proposed MAXFORLIVE 8.x / Ableton Live 9,10 & 11 compatible SEQUENCER Plugins

M4L The Drummer

  • 8 polyphonic tracks,
  • Huge Interface,
  • Automatic Pattern Creation,
  • Advanced Swing Mode,
  • Remix & More !

Version 1.3 is out ! // May 2023


This plug ins emulates a special Drum Step Sequencer with 8 TRACKS (polyphonic) & prefilled patterns.

Create simple & complex Drums Lines, Basses lines, and nice melodies/leads in a simple manner.

M4L Rhythm Composer is an instinctive & creatice Midi Beat Step Sequencer

Create modern sequences (one track) from scratch using the special WIZARD function.

MORPH patterns together, create GLITCH effect, REMIX your production in real time, create groovy beat sequences (Roger LinDrum) and more !

The perfect tool to create HUMANIZED Drums Line & nice melodies/leads.

– It contains only one TRACK to help you to create quickly KICKS or HIT HATS groovy lines,
– It includes an analog step sequencer & many clever random functions.

MeloBang is a polyphonic step sequencer tool made for creating melodies in playfull way.

On top of proposing normal step sequencer functions, it proposes several functions like Chords modes, re-order notes, create new spicy melodies.

FREE versions

You can access free version directly from the FREE & Legacy section.


No copy protection, we don’t believe in copy protection, they are always cracked & they are annoying for the users, we all know you are not going to give away the plugin on the internet… isn’t it ?